About Us






Old Valley Homes and Loans

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to participate and provide sources in Green Business. We have made a pledge to engage in ethical, sustainable, and environmentally conscious business practices, including water and energy conservation and recycling, use reduction, and paper-free transactions when possible. We offer a wide range of Green Mortgage Products designed to help Californians significantly reduce their energy bills and dependence on non-renewable resources by implementing Green Improvements and Retrofits as well as Solar Energy Systems. As passionate First-Time Homebuyer advocates, we are dedicated to educating and counseling the members of our community and take pride in helping challenged borrowers achieve their dream of home ownership. We take a holistic approach to business that embraces our local art community, provides mentoring to local youth groups, and actively pursues solutions to social justice issues in our community through volunteer work and grant funds. We believe that when we seek to help each other, we truly help ourselves attain our goals of health, wealth and happiness for our families and community.

Values Statement:

Old Valley Homes and Loans takes pride in being honest, ethical, and above board in every way. We are a team and a family and we are committed to unity, empowerment, and helping each other succeed. Our Loan and Real Estate Agents are committed to serving our clients best interests financially, with compassion and concern for the environmental impact of everything we do. Our agents know that honesty and integrity in business are the foundation to building lifelong relationships with our clients and their families. We believe that what comes around goes around, so we naturally treat each client as if they were a family member, since we are all brothers and sisters as children of Earth. Our company policies promote fair pricing and long-term relationships as the foundation for loyal customers, repeat business, and referrals. We know that long-term prosperity starts with sustainable business practices and fair pricing, resulting in happy customers who recommend us to their friends and families. We are dedicated to positive thinking and manifesting that which is for the greatest good to all concerned.